Blackballed Golf is an apparel brand striving to promote a diverse and inclusive golf lifestyle while merging performance-driven apparel with fashion-forward trends.

The ‘traditional’ golf scene is a thing of the past as a new generation of golfers fall in love with the game. Throughout the history of golf, there has been an exclusive country club vibe that has discouraged the people who do not fit the mold to shy away from playing the sport.

Blackballed Golf strives to break down those barriers and celebrate our differences. We believe that golf is for everyone.

Switch it up & Make Your Mark.  



O U R  O W N E R / C O  F O U N D E R
Matt Daniels



As a youngin’, I was attached to my Grandad’s hip. He was a dedicated Pro-Am golfer and took me with him on the road to his tournaments. While he competed and stacked W’s, I chose to stay behind to play video games at the hotel. I never considered or had any interest in golf because there was a lack of representation. My obsession was in football. 


My Grandad, Buddah Boy passed away in February of 2012, during my senior year at Duke University. And in 2018, after my NFL career, I decided to pick up the game of golf looking to fill a void since his passing. I picked through 5 different sets of clubs Buddah had to create my first set (which included a wooden driver). I appreciate the moments I was able spend with my grandad on the golf course. He is the truest expression of Blackballed Golf and the reason why we strive to promote diversity & inclusion in the sport. Golf is for everybody!



 O U R  F O U N D E R 
Jordan Griffin




For me, golf was something I would have never envisioned myself getting into. As a Black man growing up in metro-Atlanta golf was unfamiliar to me. It was an activity that I heard about but never really saw anyone actually do.

Fast-forward to my late 20s, my Mom started getting into the game and asked me to join her. I went to a sports thrift store and picked up a set of starter clubs (with my boy Matt D). From that day on I fell in love with the game. The golf course provided me with a place I could just ease my mind and I needed that. It was like therapy for me. My goal with Blackballed Golf is to continue to share what golf has done for me and encourage the youth who may not otherwise give it a chance, to try it out. Golf is truly a game for everyone and Blackballed Golf is here to spread the word.


In Memory of
William "Buddha Boy" Owens Jr.
1.20.1939 - 2.14.2012